“Some people will say that everything changed when the Joker died – that when we could kill a prisoner in police custody, and be celebrated for it, that the game changed completely. Some will go back as far as the day Batman, the old Bats, died. But me, I think things are the way they are now because, well … because Supes left. I don’t wanna put it all on Superman, it’s not … but we looked up to him, the same as most people. He was a hero among heroes, and he really helped a lot of us keep it together. I mean, I wouldn’t have even come here if it wasn’t for ol’ Supes.”
— Booster Gold, Behind the Capes: Justice League Edition

“… Dick Grayson, revealed to have been the Batman since 2009, has just announced his plan in conjunction with Mayor Barbara Gordon and Wayne Industries to produce and manage a series of law enforcing robots … ‘The Bat Knights will ensure that Gotham is safe in these uncertain and dangerous times, and they will continue to do so long after my death. No human can be Batman forever’…”

“… The Titans saved today by the Green Knight as they punch above their weight trying to fight off the latest incursion of rogue Apokoliptans. In a statement from the Titans they claim that forcing the involvement of the Knight was a part of their plan all along …”

“… Today on Flashwatch! Our favorite Central City speedster saves three civilians from three different metabrawls … at the same time! Don’t miss it!”

“… We all know that other governments, and even some corporations, have formed agencies with the specific interest of creating metahumans, but the question is if our government is doing the same and if so, for how long have they been at it? Maybe Captain Atom wasn’t the accident they say he was, hell maybe Kon-El didn’t fall out of the sky. Who knows if the first Superman even did?”

“… In the latest Belle Reeve break three metaprisoners have gone unaccounted for. Harlequin, Captain Boomerang Jr., and Jericho are all at large …”

“… These abominations against God will be our doom I tell you! It is not ours, and definitely not theirs, to sit in judgement above the rest of man, that is for the Almighty alone! If we allow this to continue our kingdom will come I tell you! Our kingdom will come!”

“… remembering the day the Joker died…” You see yourselves on the screen surrounded by cameras and reporters as you file out of the court house, Superman walking sullenly in the background with a smaller retinue following him, ignored. The sound from the TV is a constant chatter of “Who are you? Who are you?”

Who are you?

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